>> 3 Benefits of Basement Remodels <<

There are many types of basement remodels that can be done for your home. From being an office or personal gym to a media room, man cave or wine cellar, your basement can virtually be anything! Not only can you make your basement anything you want, it also has amazing benefits! When it comes to basement remodels, let the team at Becker Corp Builders & Design Center complete this for you! Our team will help with the planning, design and remodeling of your basement.

Increases The Resale Value of Your Home 
When you have a remodeled basement this can increase the value of your home. Through the addition of extra space and the attractiveness of a remodeled basement this can help increase your home's resale value. 

Extra, Usable Space
A beautifully remodeled basement can create more activities and space for the things that you and your family enjoy. From being a home office to a media room, storage room and beyond, there are endless possibilities for your basement. 

Increase Energy Efficiency
Believe it or not, when you have a newly remodeled basement this can create increased energy efficiency for your home. By installing insulation into your walls, floors and ceiling as well as applying additional drywall, sheet rock and flooring, this will increase your energy efficiency. 

Becker Corp Builders & Design Center is the place to call when you need a high quality, thorough basement remodel! Browse through our gallery of beautiful basement remodels that we have done. We provide our basement remodeling services throughout Tappan, NY, Ramsey, NJ, Warwick, NY, New City, NY and neighboring communities. 

Contact our team to schedule your basement remodel with us today! 
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